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Author Be The Cop


Police Body Cameras


Author Be The Cop:

You’re an officer issued a new body camera. Your spouse, partner, mate, etc says, “WOW, that’s exciting, lets use it to record during our lovemaking.”

Would would you do?

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Author be the Cop


You’re the officer making a lawful arrest. You inform violator they are under arrest. They decide to resist your commands.
What Would You Do?

Author be the Cop

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Author be the Cop – WWYD


Author be the Cop – WWYD
Q: If you were Chief of Police, what would you do to stop / prevent crime?

What would you do?


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WWYD – Author be the Cop



You are on duty and conducting an investigation on the shoulder of the roadway. You hear a buzzing and look up. There is a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)hovering above you with a camera pointed at you.

What would you do?

WWYD – Author be the Cop


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