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Author Be The Cop


Police Body Cameras


Author Be The Cop:

You’re an officer issued a new body camera. Your spouse, partner, mate, etc says, “WOW, that’s exciting, lets use it to record during our lovemaking.”

Would would you do?

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Author be the Cop


You’re the officer making a lawful arrest. You inform violator they are under arrest. They decide to resist your commands.
What Would You Do?

Author be the Cop

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FIT@50 \ week 18


FIT@50 \ week 18
Broken: Don’t Do It

“They broke me.”
Those words were hard to hear.

“I know. It’s what they do,” was all I could say.
The somber, wooden expression in my friend’s face showed what two decades of service could do to even the most dedicated.

Some professions require a certain adherence to its culture, although not part of the official policy. Mavericks, self-starters and long-haired freaky people need not apply.

Unfortunately, the conflict between old school tradition and today’s demand for change has proactive employees caught in a clutch.

To lose the fire of passion that first drew you into your profession is the greatest loss of all. To suffer the darkening of vision for serving the greater good because a handful of naysayers fear change is a disservice to all, but mostly the fearful.

“Stay faithful,” were the words that came to mind. Don’t grant others the power over your life’s passions. Just don’t break.

Do good,

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Author be the Cop – WWYD


Author be the Cop – WWYD
Q: If you were Chief of Police, what would you do to stop / prevent crime?

What would you do?


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Fit@50 / week 17

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Fit@50 / week 17
The more things change:

The last time I was in NYC was the early 1990’s working a wiretap for the DEA. My partner and I came up to join with the NYPD & DEA’s New York field office to track down criminals operating across country.

WOW, that was a long time ago, but coming back this week also included lots of concentration on crime and dastardly villains.

I’m presenting and attending International Thriller Writers Organization‘s ThrillerFest while on vacation. Everyone from Lee Child to Steve Berry to John Gilstrap to Liliana Hart (you had to guess that one), plus many more.

My hotel is a lot nicer than the shanties we were stuck in during surveillances and sting operations in the 90’s. Our food is sit down and eat, instead of grab it and go. And instead of a submachine gun strapped around my neck, I have a conference layard.

What I thought would be true, still very much is–I’d prefer the company of those men and women in blue who’d sacrificed so much if only to make the world a little safer for a brief moment in time.

I enjoy the embrace of writers who so meticulously craft stories about those same cops I’ve served with over the past 25 years. But if I had my choice, I’d be back behind the binoculars with a submachine around my neck waiting to snatch the next bad guy who surfaced from his hole.

It’s important to never, ever forget where you come from. Even if it meant long days and sleepless nights to get somewhere else.

Do good,


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Law Enforcement Make Family First: Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

A few years ago, I did some calculations and found that I spent a minimum of 60 hours a week at work when I summed working hours and commuting time. By the time I got home and ate dinner with my wife and kids, I only spent about 10 weekday hours with my children and maybe about five additional hours with my wife. This realization spurred me to make a change and figure out how to spend more quality time with my family.

Here are a few ways cops learn to improve family relationships:

Law Enforcement Make Family First: Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

By Matthew Loux, criminal justice faculty member at American Military University


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Prepare Your Spouse for a Law Enforcement Life

By Matthew Loux, faculty member at American Military University

Preparing for a career in law enforcement requires more than just preparing yourself—you must also prepare your significant other and your family for the realities of a law enforcement life.

family portraitSince junior high, all I ever wanted to be was a cop. So, after graduating college, I jumped at the chance to become an officer. When I got married, my wife knew how much I loved the job. We dated long enough for her to know my work schedule and my desire to hold different positions within the department; she even pushed me to go back to school.

The first few years were hard. I worked midnights and she worked days so we only saw each other for short periods of time in the evenings. Often times, I watched the kids while she worked and, when she got home, she would take over while I slept for a few hours. It made it even harder when I had to work double shifts to help make ends meet. The only thing that got us through those tough times was communication.

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Prepare Your Spouse for a Law Enforcement Life


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