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FIT@50 \ week 19


FIT@50 \ week 19


Growing up playing every sport imaginable, the idea of being sidelined was inconceivable. As I’ve grown more “fit”, the idea of shining light on others while supporting from the bench is amazing.

I considered what a difference a week makes. We were in NYC for a thriller writers’ conference dominated by a different crowd – okay, it’s still very much a boys club.

Liliana Hart​ stood aside as authors introduced themselves to discuss crime and mystery writing and my career in law enforcement. It was different to have writers not recognize her, but she genuinely encouraged me to go off and talk “shop.”

This week, the table’s been turned as NYC has been taken over by romance writers during the Romance Writers of America​ conference. I must confess that I enjoy cheering from the sidelines while my wife shines.

Giving praise and support to others is a blessing for all.
Do good,

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Law Enforcement Make Family First: Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

A few years ago, I did some calculations and found that I spent a minimum of 60 hours a week at work when I summed working hours and commuting time. By the time I got home and ate dinner with my wife and kids, I only spent about 10 weekday hours with my children and maybe about five additional hours with my wife. This realization spurred me to make a change and figure out how to spend more quality time with my family.

Here are a few ways cops learn to improve family relationships:

Law Enforcement Make Family First: Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

By Matthew Loux, criminal justice faculty member at American Military University


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FIT@50 \ week 16

2015-06-28 13.17.41

FIT@50 \ week 16

Unplugged & Replugged:

Last week was an amazing experience. I spent the weekend with my wife, Liliana Hart​ on a Trek Travel cycling trip through northern California. The grapes were the only things online out there. No cell or internet service, and the wifi was spotty to say the least.

So what did I do with my cell phone? Used it as a camera to capture pics of the beauty of our country and the fun with new friends.
I’d unplugged. And it was actually okay.

In the same week, I had a three book deal with Amazon’s Kindle World set for release. This was my biggest writing obligation to date, next to my doctoral dissertation. It required manuscript uploading, cover design downloading and entering keywords, metadata and marketing blurbs.
I’d replugged. And it was actually okay.

It’s the balance that we all seek. It’s the fine line between obsessive and unconcerned. It’s taken almost 50 years to not avoid it, but hopefully not another 50 years to embrace it.

So in this 16th week of rocking 50 years on Earth, here’s to cycling and reading – both passions I enjoy sharing with you.

Do good,
Scott Silverii​

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FIT@50 \ week 13

2015-06-07 22.44.18

NOTE: FIT@50 is a weekly post I’ve enjoyed writing since I turned the big 50. Originally posted on my Facebook page, we wanted to share with you.

FIT@50 \ week 13

Sacrifice: Putting Others First

WOW, what a week of being FIT@50. I got married—how cool is that.

Liliana Hart​ and I had planned the wedding months in advance, but even before that, we had options to throw any size event, anywhere we wanted. The choice was simple – lets do this for our families.

Putting others first was the right decision. Our kids come after God, so to make sure not only the young, but the not so young could join us, we stayed in our hometown.

There were five other people on this planet involved in the planning. They too chose to put others first, because they were kind enough to honor our request and not let a word slip about our surprise.

I believe because we chose to put others first, the wedding went off without a hitch. It included our most favorite things: Family, food and cake. I’ll confess that when it came time for cake, I did put myself first.

The bible encourages cheerful giving – that includes giving of yourself for others. Sacrifice: Putting Others First

Do Good,

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