Author Be The Cop

03 Aug


Police Body Cameras


Author Be The Cop:

You’re an officer issued a new body camera. Your spouse, partner, mate, etc says, “WOW, that’s exciting, lets use it to record during our lovemaking.”

Would would you do?

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Posted by on August 3, 2015 in Public Safety Experts


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One response to “Author Be The Cop

  1. Donnamaie E. White

    August 3, 2015 at 10:04

    I think that it could be a career-ender right there. Like doing it in a cruiser or on the back of a traffic motorbike. I know it happens but really? You could get yourself a Gopro but remember – those recordings are stollen all the time and aired. No such thing as an unhackable device. And that recording getting out is ALSO a known career-ender. Get over making a film. Just hang a mirror on the ceiling. Install sliding mirrored doors on your closet. Basically – grow up!



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