Write a Book Review That Helps, Not Hinders

11 Jul

Sooner or later, passion, generosity, or selfishness will push you to review someone’s book.

Passion: You either love or hate the book so much that you must tell the world.

Generosity: You know the book’s message will help others. Or, you want to help the author sell books and understand that reviews help sell books.

Selfishness: Your review of another’s book helps your own books when you sign your reviews “author of [your book title].” Most book buyers purchase more than one title on any given subject. So when they’re looking for a book on leadership, customer service, or whatever and see other titles mentioned in the book review section, which triggers them to take a look at your own. You can also draw attention to your speaking, training, or consulting business in that review. Finally, as a much appreciated content curator, you can post your book review of other books on your own social media and subscription sites.

With the following “Dos” in mind, you should be able to write a substantive review in 5-10 minutes. Offered from my earlier years of writing book reviews for the Houston Chronicle (business books and self-help), these guidelines work well for most categories of nonfiction and fiction.


To read more about it, click here – Write a Book Review That Helps, Not Hinders — Part 1


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