Author be the Cop – WWYD

06 Jul

Scenario –

You’re on uniformed patrol and passing through a parking lot in the middle of a sunny, summer afternoon. You spot movement from inside a parked car. There’s a small child strapped in the car seat, but the engine is off with no one around.

Author be the Cop – WWYD
What would you do?


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2 responses to “Author be the Cop – WWYD

  1. Donnamaie E. White

    July 6, 2015 at 09:38

    Verify child’s (animal’s) condition – Call 911 – find the ETA for help to get there – Make noise to get other shoppers involved and send others to shout inside the stores – and get mall security (depends on store(s) and if mall has security) – re-check condition of the child at that point – break into the car if deemed necessary (delay in response, temps, and child’s condition) – STAY ON THE PHONE With 911. Windows are cheap. Note that most cars can be broken into in seconds. Do the same for any animal left in a car. Have your ID handy. Your day just got messy.

    In California (San Diego, and Northern Cal (Fremont, Milpitas) ) there are mall cops everywhere and cruisers, motorgods, EMS, and fire can reach you in minutes. Different in rural areas.

    With a bunch of Boy Scouts in the desert, after a hike, found I had locked my keys in the van (Fell out of my pocket). 100+ degrees. Running out of water. Had lots of alpha men with tools in the area – let them “wreck” a window. (The mechanism not the glass) Took under 5 minutes. AAA would have taken too long. In any large parking lot in CA – you can usually find someone who can break in without harming the car. Or without doing much harm. Lives trump property.


    • SilverHart

      July 6, 2015 at 23:04

      Awesome reply and plan. glass can be repaired, loss lives can’t. Love the tip about keeping your ID handy – that is the truth. Thanks.



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